Keeping the world connected

Businesses, communities, and people rely on connectivity like never before. With remote work, telehealth, and distance learning, we need fast, reliable communications to succeed. As NJ’s top telecom building contractor, we’ve seen firsthand the benefits of bridging the connectivity gap with solid buildings and infrastructure.


Building Seamless Connections and Continuity for Telecommunication

Planning and installing the optimal communications network for your environment requires a blend of technical knowledge of telecommunications construction, and  business, regulatory, and engineering experience. Lasko is one of NJ’s construction & engineering companies that delivers on all accounts.

Our construction team has a pristine track record for safety, management, and delivery of outside plant and private network construction projects — completed on time and on budget. We’re experienced, trained, fully insured, and compliant with state regulations. Plus, our hard work and pride in craftsmanship can be seen in every inch of our construction.

Communication is Key

Lasko’s program-management services offer a mix of quick response times, a single-point of responsibility for planning and implementation, and coordination with city and state authorities, local utility providers, engineers, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and you, the client. This level of constant communication ensures nothing gets overlooked.

Lasko is ready get your site’s telecommunications fully built or expanded. If you’re looking for a telecom building contractor, or local engineering & construction companies, let’s talk!