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Robert Laskowski

At an early age Robert would spend the summer days helping his father clean up around the worksite. Through decades of learning and watching trades perform under his fathers supervision he was able to pick up those skills and utilize them in a project management role for many years before eventually taking over Lasko. under his leadership Lasko has grown exponentially and has moved into the next chapter of its company lifecycle.
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Edward Laskowski

Moving from Venezuela to New Jersey in 1960 and helping his father, Walter, start and successfully run his own tile installation company Ed learned what it meant to “work hard and do good work”. Since 1978, Ed has tirelessly worked on many projects that helped build the industrial landscape we know today. Through a stellar safety record and continuously improving the quality of work and the internal abilities of Lasko, Ed has turned a one-person residential company into a 15+ employee company specializing in all things Industrial and Commercial. in 2018 Ed stepped down as President of Lasko but still has a daily role in the leadership and oversight of larger projects.

Bob Rasmussen

As a Senior Project Manager, Bob R.  plans, directs, manages and provides oversight of your particular project in order to ensure that your goals and objectives are accomplished within prescribed schedule and budget parameters. With 35+ years of project management experience, Bob brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Lasko team.

Chris Sitko

Chris is Lasko’s site supervisor and lead tradesman. He has 30+ years of experience as a carpenter, but is extremely proficient in reading blue prints and carry out the construction side of your project. All of Lasko’s tradesmen and technicians work cohesively under his leadership and work hard based on his example.

Jeanette Liput

Jeanette is the glue that holds Lasko together, and is the lead support in the office. She will be the main person sending proposals, coordinating schedules, maintaining updated job projections, and will be following the finances of the job and cost tracking.