Making the most of your manufacturing construction processes

Industrial and manufacturing construction projects come in all types and sizes. When you’re ready to renovate or build a facility, you’ll need a general construction contractor you can trust. At Lasko, we bring your vision to life by taking the time to gain a complete understanding of your goals and developing a comprehensive approach to achieve them – on time and under budget.

As one of the few family-owned construction project companies in NJ, we have the flexibility, resources, and expertise to manage projects across the industrial arena – from small manufacturing facilities to the largest Fortune 500 companies. With a laser-focus on collaboration, we work together with you to ensure our designs give your staff and systems a space that’s optimized for productive, profitable work.

Construction Management Services That Exceed Expectations

As a general construction contractor since 1978, we know much more goes into building these manufacturing facilities than meets the eye. We become an extension of your team to understand your unique requirements, starting with a series of questions. What’s the capacity? How much power will we need? Where will critical equipment be stored until ready for use? Depending on your needs, we take many factors into account, including:

  • Making the most of your manufacturing processes
  • Unique interior and exterior infrastructural needs
  • Efficient design of work spaces for staff and production systems
  • Sustainable building material selection
  • Potential for renovation or future expansion of the facility

Whether you’re in the business of electronics, specialty chemicals, consumer products, heavy equipment, or beyond, we’re here to design around your work, stay ahead of disruption, and help you achieve your goals. We’re also a post-manufacturing construction resource, available for ongoing construction management services, whether electrical, HVAC, or facility management.

If you’re looking for construction project companies in New Jersey, partner with Lasko. We will work in your occupied space while not disrupting your production schedule or employee workflow. Contact us today to discover more.