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The Objective: In the 4th quarter of 2018, Lasko Contractors was selected to upgrade and renovate J. Josephson’s Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) unit, a specialty system that burns off harmful exhaust gases and VOCs from industrial manufacturing plants in order to help protect the environment. Meeting the high standards of The New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, the governing body overseeing all environmental concerns in the region, and for this renovation, was of utmost importance.

Specialty Work: The most challenging aspect of this job was preparing and painting actively running, high temperature industrial equipment. The majority of the job was performed while the RTO was running anywhere between 400ºF – 1,300ºF. Lasko was tasked with finding a durable coating that could chemically sustain rapid temperature swings, withstand all types of weather, and have the ability to be applied while the unit itself was operational and up to temperature. In collaboration with J. Josephson’s internal engineering department, we tested and researched many different
types of coatings. Together, we determined that a PPG high-heat enamel product, specifically designed for durability and longevity, would be best suited for the application.

Cleanliness and Safety: Safety is integral. Dealing with a 40 foot tall, active, high-heat vent stack required boom lifts and safety harness tie-offs. The project also called for the rehabilitation of three round ductwork lines spanning the entire rooftop. We had to grind, clean and repaint these lines. The project was completed with a clean safety record and an extremely pleased client.

Productivity Enhancement: This preventative maintenance project allowed J. Josephson curb the need for more costly rust-related repairs down the line. Additionally, the new enamel application provided a clean, contemporary, state-of-the-art coating designed to extend the lifespan and secure the integrity of the original materials.

Testimonial: “Lasko took the lead in sorting out what paints we need for this unit which operates at up to 400F and did an excellent job preparing the steel ducts and painting them. I like working with Lasko as they are good at helping sort out technical details that allow me to release work to them more easily.”
– Jeff Dugal, Director of Engineering

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