A fresh take on food manufacturing construction and occupied space construction

When it comes to food processing plant construction, building and renovation can be a unique challenge. From codes, regulations, and efficiency to drainage, safety, and sustainability issues, you have a lot of needs to meet.

To succeed, you need state-of-the-art equipment and processes — and a partnership with the best industrial general contractors. Lasko has the expertise you need to keep food safe and flavors fresh, while staying efficient, compliant, and profitable.

More than Design and Construction Services — Collaboration

We understand the challenges and complexities that food manufacturers and brand owners face. From protecting fragile foods as they travel from farm to table, to competing for shoppers’ attention on the shelf, we focus on performance throughout our design and construction services. It’s a collaborative process that sets you up with a transparent and traceable food supply chain, completely tailored to your unique needs.

Just like you, we’re in the business of logistics and efficiency. That means we put considerable thought into how your business approaches elements like loading docks, delivery and shipping traffic lanes, and front-office organization.

Lasko provides design and construction services in various sectors of the food industry, including:

Dry Blending
Liquid Blending
Liquid Milling
Liquid Hose
Liquid Batching
Dry Batching
Dry Milling
Sanitary Piping
Temperature Controlled Equipment
Stainless Washdown Production
Environmentally Controlled Space
Sanitary Design

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If you’re looking for industrial general contractors that can design, build, or optimize and future-proof your food processing facility, look no further for a food processing plant construction company. Contact us today to learn more.